President’s Hotline


Grace’s new Board of Directors will meet for the first time June 12th. There are a few new faces, several folks who were re-elected into the same positions and a couple who are now serving in a different position!
Thank you to the outgoing board members for their great work and numerous accomplishments over the last year. I’m excited for the next year and look forward to your BOD continuing their work and service to the Body of Christ here at Grace.
As we move forward, please continue to share your ideas, your help – your time, talents and treasures. Grace Lutheran can certainly accomplish more with your input. Pick an area you enjoy, something you’re good at – or want to get better at!
Do your part “Bringing People to Christ, by Bringing Christ to People”.
Your Board of Directors:
President, Bob King
President-Elect, Butch Hahn
Head Elder – TBA (will be appointed by Board of Elders the first Tuesday in June after date of this publication)
Secretary, Melba King
Treasurer, Joyce Johnson
Financial Secretary, Carol Newstead
Human Care, Lieselotte Bernier
Trustee, Joe Harrison
Evangelism, Joan Hawley
Stewardship, April Cranford
Fellowship, Ramona DeSalvo
Children’s Ministry, Claire Hahn
Youth Ministry, Kira Leavens

Your Elders:
Mike Hiett, Jim Robert, Dave Miller, Bob King, Darwin Colston, Bill Harper, Leo Johnson, Mike McAbee, and Jim Klaus

Bob King