President’s Hotline



Hope everyone is staying warm and please be safe in your travels as we have been experiencing cold and sometimes icy weather. Fortunately this type of weather doesn’t last too long in Tennessee.

Pews are being targeted for replacement either last week of January or first week of February. Perhaps the pews will be installed by the time you read my message. It seems we have found a home for the old pews and hopefully the transition will be easy.

Bob King and the Safety/Security team continue to meet and discuss plans for improvements. Outside lighting is an item being discussed, so hopefully we will soon see this objective implemented. Bob King will share thoughts during the upcoming Congregational Assembly being planned for late February.

Financially Grace continues to be blessed with offerings that exceed required budget. For the month of December, the surplus was $12,562.93. Thanks be to God for the many financial blessing received at Grace during 2017.

Plans are underway to move the two youth Sunday school classes from the education wing to the fellowship hall. There are several items in the vacant fellowship hall rooms that will need to be moved. Just like your homes, storage is always an issue for Grace.

Our District has a convention every three years and includes election of new officers. Please read the article within this month’s Graceline about the offices. If you have a question or would like someone nominated, please discuss with Pastor Wenck.

As I indicated in the Hotline last month, many Grace board members will be completing another term of office and some are hoping other members will consider nominations for the upcoming elections. Please consider serving on the board or working as a member of a committee. Let me know if you have any questions about the BOD meetings or the positions.

Remember your family at Grace is always looking forward to seeing you each week! Keep one another in prayer, extend encouragement, ask where you can help and remember our mission statement; “Bringing People to Christ by Bringing Christ to People”.
See you in church!

God’s Blessing!
Joe Harrison