President’s Hotline


Hello to all!

BOD’s  met  Tuesday  June  13th  and  began  business   with  the  newly  elected  and re-elected  board  members.   This  is  the  first  time in many years where most board of  director  positions  are  filled  with  exception  of  Youth  and  Children  Education.       Hopefully those two positions will find a person within upcoming months.

Financially Grace continues to be blessed with offerings that exceed required budget.  For the month of May, the surplus was $2,593.21 and year to date surplus is $24,400.46.  Grace continues to make LCEF payments on our remodel each month.  Please remember that the Capital Campaign closes the end of December 2017.     Hopefully the debt will also be paid in full as projected.

Grace just like our home continues to need upgrades.  Our next focus or project will be recommending all pews within the sanctuary be replaced.  Our Trustee Butch Hahn has been busy seeking recommendations and estimates.  The BOD and BOE will be meeting with a pew representative soon in order to get more data.  Pew replacement will be  expensive so be watching for an upcoming Congregational Assembly where the  information will be shared as well as recommendations made.

Attendance has really been up and down this year!  Please observe each Sunday to  determine if folks normally sitting around you are missing.  If you miss seeing      someone, please ask about them and possibly even drop a card or make a phone call to let them know they are missed.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the BOD meetings or the open   positions.

Hope everyone has a happy 4th of July and be safe traveling!  Remember your family at Grace is always looking forward to seeing you each week!  Keep one another in prayer, extend encouragement, ask where you can help and remember our mission statement; “Bringing People to Christ by Bringing Christ to People”.

See you in church!

God’s Blessing!

Joe Harrison, President