President’s Hotline


April already. I was sitting in the living room, watching Wheel of Fortune (I feel obligated), thinking, “it’s time to write the President’s Letter for the March Graceline. Oops!

I sometimes forget (or miss) the deadline, but I always get friendly reminders from Tammy, the church secretary.

As you consider volunteering to fill one of the open Directors positions, remember this: You won’t be expected to do it all yourself! There are a lot of folks willing, able and always stepping forward to help. I’ve seen this demonstrated over and over again – most recently during last month’s workday, when we had many hands helping. A lot was accomplished.

We all have questions and misgivings – thinking that our shortcomings are too great. For  instance, I have a lot of trouble with names – which is somewhat embarrassing at meetings or on Sunday mornings! Making time on Tuesday nights once a month for the Directors meeting is sometimes tough. We all do our best!

Sometime it’s difficult to make a decision: paper or plastic? Plastic or china? But rest assured, there’s usually a committee to help with those decisions.

Perhaps you’d be an outstanding board secretary, or a fairly good secretary. But the  secretaries that have gone before will be glad to help you with any questions you may have. Same for any of the open positions!

Descriptions for each open board position are posted in the fellowship hall. Butch Hahn is the man to talk to if you want more information — and when you’re ready to volunteer.

Grace is doing great and you can help to continue to move us forward. Take a look at the open board positions – review, consider, pray, volunteer!


Bob King