President’s Hotline


In life, people may face many opportunities. People do not take or accept every opportunity. However, before deciding, it is wise to pray about the opportunity. The Board of Elders and the Board of Directors ask the members of Grace to pray about an opportunity. Should we increase Pastor Alan Thoe’s hours from 10 hours per week to 19 hours per week?

First, let us explain the odd number, 19 hours. Grace participates in the Concordia Plans, which includes pension, disability, and health coverages. To qualify for the pension and disability portion, a person must work 20 or more hours per week. To qualify for the health plan, a person must work 30 or more hours per week. Currently, the only full-time person enrolled in the Concordia Plans is Pastor Wenck. The office secretary is part-time. The suggested change for Pastor Al, from 10 hours to 19 hours, is also part-time.

Why or how did this opportunity arise? Pastor Al is no longer a full-time employee at a secular job. This change had nothing to do with the recent change in his health. He is available to work two part-time jobs. One opportunity could be here at Grace.

Do we need to have two pastors at Grace? No. The needs of Grace does not require two full-time pastors. The needs do not require one full-time and one part-time pastor. This change is not about what is required. It is about do we see this as an opportunity to do more with Pastor Al’s time and talents. Do we see this as an opportunity for the Lord to bless Pastor Al and to bless Grace Lutheran Church? Do we believe the Lord is guiding us to move forward with this change?

What would Pastor Al do differently with his hours that he is not doing now?

  1. Spend more time working with Pastor Wenck and learning from him in the areas of administration, hospital visits, home visits, and pastoral counseling.
  2. A new area assigned to Pastor Al would be Youth Ministry.

What does Pastor Al do with 10 hours each week? To be honest, Pastor Al has been putting in more than 10 hours and never complained.

  1. He will continue to assist with worship.
  2. He will preach at least once per month.
  3. He will occasionally teach adult Bible study and Sunday school.
  4. He will continue to build relationships with members.



Bob King