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All I Want…

Do you remember the Christmas song, “All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth”?  In the song, a little girl wants to have two front teeth so that she can wish you a Merry Christmas without messing up the pronunciation of the words.

What is it that you are missing?  What is preventing you from showing kindness to others?  What is absent, resulting in a lack of patience?  What is empty, leaving you with little to no joy?

Before this virus become a problem, did you have an “I want ___ list”?  And did you picture this list, if it was fulfilled, granting you joy, happiness, peace, love, contentment, success?  Did you picture having your heart’s desires life changing?  Now, that a lot of other external changes in your life are present, have you changed your list?  What you previously took for granted you now value.  What was once ignored is considered special.  What you easily grumbled about you now look forward to enduring.  All I want is…work, school, traffic, shopping, crowds, and to be sitting in the pew.

Hard times, challenging days, help us to take a look at what we have ignored and what we thought was so important.  School teachers are getting renewed respect because parents have found out how challenging it is to teach their kids.  Employers are getting renewed appreciation for making difficult decisions in order to keep the business going.  Employees have a renewed zeal to do their work well, keeping their job during a very difficult time.  Doctors and nurses are being honored for serving as the new front line in a combat zone against a virus.

Has your view of God and your attitude toward God improved?  Desire to be in worship may have increased.  Joy in your heart because of His promise to be with you may have over flowed.  Peace in the face of physical suffering and death may have stood like a mighty fortress, surrounding you, embracing you, so that you are more than persevering.  You are overcoming the feelings of loss, hopelessness, fear, and isolation.

God in Christ opens our heart and mind so that our “want list” may change from focusing on the things of this world.  By faith we hold on to the spiritual and eternal gifts from God.  Our want list includes the forgiveness of sins, freedom from the power of the devil, release from the fear of death and the gift of eternal life.  Through Jesus Christ, God says “yes” to this list.  Forgiveness is granted.  The devil is defeated.  Even though we die, we live.  Victory over death through Jesus Christ is ours.  The virus, economy, and stay-safe-at-home will change.  God’s promises and His Word remain forever.

In Christ,

Pastor Wenck



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