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Easter and the Weather

Easter Sunday is a celebration that moves, not appearing on the same date each year. The earliest it appears on a calendar is March 22nd. The latest in the year is April 25th. This means that depending on where you live, the weather on Easter Sunday might be significantly different from one year to another. There could be snow or flowers outside the church   buildings. Why is this important? Many people battle seasonal affective disorder. It is a type of depression, it can be very serious, and there are treatments that may  help.

Another reason to mention this is that our sinful nature also wants to have a say in how much joy we have. We give away power to weather. We allow weather to determine if we are gloomy or upbeat. For years, there has been all kinds of data that is used to confirm the power of weather over our attitude and emotions. It appears that it is very important for the sun to rise and shine. We know that human body needs daylight. So does all creation. But is weather given too much power? Like a bully, who tries to determine your value, the weather is given power to determine our joy in life.

Scripture mentions sun, moon, and stars. It tells us about rain and sunshine, seasons and storms. The Bible places weather in subjection to God, as with all things created. This truth frees us to know that our joy is not to be determined by what is created but by The Creator.  Christians transition from focus on sunrise to the risen Son. Jesus is not like the weather, which is really nice one day but terrible the next. Through the suffering, death and  resurrection of Jesus Christ we have the forgiveness of sins and eternal life.

The celebration of Easter is not made great by the weather. Rain or shine, we rejoice that Jesus overcame sin, death and the devil. Cold or warm, we are comforted by the Savior who takes away the sin of the world. The Gospel lifts up our hearts to the Lord and changes our attitude so that we live for Him and because of Him. The weather has no power over us.  Yes, we might wear a coat to church. Yes, umbrellas are sometimes needed to stay dry.  These might not be your favorite ways to go through the day but they do not need to  determine your joy.

God loves you! God cares for you! God provides you with all that you need for body and soul!  Easter is a celebration that combines all of these truths. In Jesus, every day is a great day!  God gives you Son-shine so that you may shine in a world of darkness.

In Christ,

Pastor Wenck

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