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When was the last time you flew on a commercial airline? Have the rules changed and how would you know? Go to the web and search for TSA 2018 rules and you will find out what has changed and will be changing. It goes against common sense to try to fly without checking for updates.

The weeks of Lent are a different kind of preparation. We follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to the cross on Calvary, His burial in a borrowed tomb, and then His resurrection. Why is it good to prepare, because we need to be reminded what we have and what we are to leave behind.

The “we have” and “take with us” includes
The love of God, our heavenly Father
Grace and mercy through our Lord Jesus Christ
The forgiveness of sin through Jesus’ suffering and death
Eternal life through Jesus’ resurrection
The inheritance as God’s child, brothers and sisters in Christ
God’s truth
God’s promises
The righteousness of Christ
_____________ (other)

What we do not need and cannot take with us includes
Sin, sin-filled heart
Hate, hatred
Ego, pride

God calls us to be His people, on a mission, and following Him. Lent is a time of renewal and baggage check. It is so good to go forward without being weighed down. It is caring to leave behind the stuff that may be harmful to self and others. In Christ, have a great trip!

In Christ,
Pastor Wenck


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