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Not Every Thing, But Some Things

A lottery winner might consider how many ways a person could try to help others. Regardless of how much has been won, no one has enough money to help everyone. Feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, cancer treatment and medical care, complete care for the elderly, and more, comes to a very large bill. Providing needs instead of satisfying the wants, takes a lot of money and work. The Bible tells us, Luke 16:10 “One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much. The point is that we, the members of Grace Lutheran, try to be faithful with the gifts (time, talent, money) that God has given us. We are not able to do “everything”. We are committed to being faithful in doing what we can.

Two thank you notes came in the mail. One was from Stepping Stones, a local group that assists women who need to get out of a violent relationship. We send a financial gift to them each month.  The dollars come from the Sunday offering. During September, two ladies were able to move out.  Each one secured a place of their own.  One these women gave birth the next week. The financial support of the members of Grace contributed toward meeting their need. Our support, along with other donations, helped these women have a different future. One with hope. We cannot do everything but we do what God enables us to do!

You know about Katie’s Garden. Up to thirty families were helped each Saturday during the growing season. During the week, some of the vegetables became ripe and were harvested. What needed to be distributed quickly was taken to Saint Rose Catholic Church. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, their food bank is open to help others. A note from a staff member said, “I can’t begin to explain the joy and surprise our needy customers expressed upon receiving your fresh produce.” The financial     support, the labor of many members, and God’s gift of a bountiful harvest has been a blessing to many. Our little garden accomplishes what God desires.

During October, we will have a Congregational Assembly and the purpose is to adopt a budget for 2020. Certainly, the financial support goes to pay the utilities and maintenance, office supplies,      various ministries, and staff. Your support also provides financial resources for the mission and    ministry of our Mid-South District and Synod. Our budget is about the members of Grace working  together doing what God enables us to do.

In Christ,

Pastor Wenck


Our mission: “Bringing People to Christ by Bringing Christ to People”