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Christ, in or out of Christmas

Jesus is the reason for the season. You have read or heard these words during December for many years. Do you have other reasons for Christmas? I noticed that movies that are labeled as being “Christmas” movies have very little to do with Jesus. Movies build on the themes of romance, love, family, friendships, relationships, and happiness. Yes, Jesus can be the source of love. He has made us family, brothers and sisters in Christ. Moreover, God does guide us into marriage and through parenting. Nevertheless, many movies are holding back from putting Christ in the forefront of Christmas.

Should we be angry that Christ is not the center of Christmas? A better question is this, are you keeping Christ as the center of your celebration of Christmas? As much as Christians get angry over the commercialization of Christmas, the world around us cannot remove Jesus from our Christmas. The world does not have that kind of power. Each believer makes choices as to what to include, what to set aside, what to focus upon in connection to Christmas. You, by faith, keep Jesus as the reason. You, according to sinful nature, might set Jesus aside and create another centerpiece.

Current centerpiece trends include expensive gifts, high-tech gifts, fulfilling my gift wish list, family, vacation trips, snow, sweets, and food. Christmas celebration has been turned into a seven course dinner (a banquet of worldly things). What makes Christmas great is a matter of faith and the answer is not decided by the world around you.


Jesus is your reason for celebration

With Jesus as your reason, how you might celebrate may be different from year to year. Over the years, with whom you celebrate may change. However, Christmas is still Christmas because of your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Take the opportunity to let everyone know that your joy is because of Jesus and it gives you great pleasure in sharing His joy with others. The love you have is because of Jesus. You cannot out do His love for family and friends. By faith, you can shine with the love of Christ.

No one removes Jesus from your heart. No one changes the reason you live and be who you are in Christ. The stores cannot take it out of your heart. The movies cannot replace Him. Snow does not make God’s love revealed in Christ more pure or awesome. Family near or far away does not lessen God’s love and His gift to you and the whole wide world. Jesus is THE REASON. Jesus is THE SOURCE. Jesus is THE GIFT. Jesus is THE MIRACLE. Jesus is Christmas.

In Christ,

Pastor Wenck

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