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Favorite Thank You(s)

When your mom made your favorite dessert, did you tell her “thank you!”
At Christmas time, when you received a gift, did you say “thank you!” I hope you have said “thank you” many, many times. I believe that the number of times a person says or hears “thank you”, is declining.

It seems to take more time, energy, and even dollars to move the human heart to say “thank you.” Often, people seem to be unmoved by the little gifts from others, the simple gifts in life. The level of selfishness has increased and along with this, there is a decrease in thankfulness. We have narrowed our expectations regarding what is acceptable, lovely, and awesome. As practical as they are, a sign of the times is gift cards. It is so hard to know, find, and get what people really want so that gift cards has become the solution. We have given them to save the cost of shipping gifts. Who wants to hear that a family member or friend rejected the gift? With gift cards, the receiver of the card may find something that he or she will appreciate and be thankful.

The increase of selfishness has also led to a decrease in thanksgiving toward God. God is more likely to give you a gift instead of a gift card. He knows what you need. He knows what would be good for you. He knows how to bless you through the simplest of gifts. God knows of your vulnerability to be selfish, so some of the gifts He gives to you are meant to be shared. He fills your heart with love and wants you to share it with others. He forgives your sins and wants you to forgive others. He gives you salvation through Jesus Christ and empowers you to tell others.

Faith in Christ is correction for your heart and mind. Faith opens our vision to behold the gifts from God. His mercy is new every morning. His love is poured out upon you every day. His Word is there to guide you through daily life in His created world. His people, fellow Christians, are a part of your journey so that you are not lonely, receive encouragement, and learn from their example. Do you have favorite gifts from God for which you say “thank You”? Has faith opened your heart and released your voice to praise God from whom all blessings flow? Do you acknowledge God and thank Him for the small gifts? Remember to thank God for the blessings you did not ask for. Make a list of your favorite gifts from God. May your heart overflow with thanksgiving.

In Christ,
Pastor Wenck


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