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What’s On Your List?

Kids: More snow days than in school days!
Husband: A diamond of the highest quality on sale for $50
Wife: No waiting in line at the stores?
What influences your mood this time of the year may be connected to what is on your “I want!” list.

Snow days? Some have experienced being snowed in for a few days and then they wanted to get out and go to school or work.
Sales? Some have checked off their shopping list during December but before January is over there is a new “want” list. Hard to remain content.
Wishing for no lines at the store? If that wish was fulfilled, your attention might turn to a) front row parking, b) you get green lights coming and going, c) everything has a sale price, and d) your size and color choice is available in the store. You get everything home, very tired, and begin to wish for someone to do it all for you next year. Shopping is too labor intensive! By the way, shopping on line has issues too.

How we manage our expectations and wants during December may have a connection as to why the verses of “Joy to the World” get separated by a few resounding bah humbugs.

From childhood on up, we ask a lot of “why?” You have seen the phrase “Jesus is the reason for the season”. If I am looking for a reason, am I really looking to behold the Savior? Am I distracted by what the world offers? Am I full of sorrow because of what is being withheld? Looking for a reason? Jesus is Christmas! Jesus is the season. Not just for December. He is the One in whom we live every day. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life! During this month we celebrate His birth and more. For 12 months, we celebrate:

That we are forgiven
That we are spiritually alive in Christ
That we have eternal life
That Jesus will return
That there will be a Day of Resurrection
That Jesus will gather all of God’s children to be with Him forever

If we value other things more than the gifts God gives, we will sing a lot more “bah humbugs”. If a joyful Christmas means expensive gifts for a lot less money, then celebrate the priceless gift God gave you, His own Son, Jesus Christ, who paid for all you need. If a joyful Christmas meant no waiting in line, then celebrate Jesus Christ who came for you and to you. If a joyful Christmas means snow, then celebrate that through Jesus Christ your sins have been made white as snow. Jesus is Christmas. Jesus is our all in all, our everything!

In Christ,

Pastor Wenck


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