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A Dream or Real Life

Dreams can seem so real!  Very real!  So real that your five senses can be engaged in the dream.  You were running, huffing and puffing, trying to get air.  You suddenly wake up and find yourself breathing very hard.  Your legs feel like you have been running for miles.  Sweat covers your body.  Your body is telling you the dream was real but you know it cannot be real.  In real life, in real time, you were in bed the whole time.

Is God’s love a dream or real life?

In real life, day-to-day living can be very difficult, hard, and even cruel.  Some or many of the people around you can behave in unloving ways.  Your body has hundreds of ways to malfunction or fail your expectations.  Many kinds of illnesses cause the body to refuse to cooperate when you demand it to move.  In addition to these troubles, there is all the possibilities of failures with cars, computers, phones, power tools, material goods, and people simply not doing what they are supposed to do.  Real life can be so hard that it leads people to ask, where is God’s love? I certainly do not feel it.

So, which is it?  Is God’s love real or is it only present in the dreams we have?  Dreams do fool us into thinking what is not real is now very real.  Our brains have such great imagination that we can “see” what is not there.  We can touch what is not physical and present.  During a dream, we can talk to people who are not in the room.  Dreams are not that same as FaceTime that connects you to real people in real time.  Dreams are not another dimension of real time.  Yet, people will give more credibility to dreams than they do faith.  People will say, “Jesus is not alive”, “Jesus is not real”, or “There is no God”.  Some interpret dreams and yet deny the truth and validity of the Word of God.

God’s love is very real.  The life you have in Christ is true life and it is eternal life.  Sinful nature and unbelief sets aside God’s reality and creates its own.   We keep building dream worlds that don’t really work.  The Bible calls us to wake up!  Be alert!  Listen to God for what is real!  To believe in Him and His promises.  To hold on to His promise and guarantee that He loves us.  Regardless of what takes place in our body, in this world, nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.

In Christ,
Pastor Wenck

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