Pastor’s Corner

From Your Pastor 

Come and celebrate!  Give thanks to the Lord!

We have paid off the loan for the remodeling of the sanctuary!  On Sunday, August 12th, during the Sunday school hour, we will celebrate together what God has made possible.  We give thanks for how God enabled us to work together and renew the Lord’s house.  The project took the participation of many members and the support of the congregation.

Did you know that the conversation about doing something began in 2009?  Join us to review the highlights of the journey.

Do you remember who was on the Facility Use Committee that became the Building Committee?

Do you remember who served on the Capital Campaign Committee?  Do you recall the theme of the campaign?

Do you remember the kickoff dinner at Grace and the theme of the event?

Do you know how much the loan was for and how much the members donated?

We will review the costs, the timeline, and more.

THERE WILL BE FOOD but not a full meal.

I am thankful to the Lord to have shared this journey with you.  I am also open to the Lord as to what is next.  It does not have to be more building.  Continuing Katie’s Garden is part of what is next.  Your serving here at Grace is part of what is next.  Growing together in Christ will continue to take place.  New people joining Grace.  Finding ways to express our love for Christ and others.  Feel free to share with me what you think is “next” here at Grace so that we can discern together God’s will for us.

In Christ,
Pastor Wenck

Our mission: “Bringing People to Christ by Bringing Christ to People”