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Zoom Out: Maker of Heaven and Earth

Play this game with your family and friends. Use a camera and zoom in on a very small part of an object in your home. For example, hold the tube of toothpaste and take a picture of only the top of the cap. Take pictures of other items and then have a contest of who can name the items correctly.  When we see small things as if they are very large or the only thing in view, we have a difficult time keeping the right perspective.

Your faith helps you to zoom out and see life in a better perspective. I believe in God the Father   Almighty, maker of heaven and earth is a great way for our mind and heart to zoom out, seeing the bigger picture. When all you can dwell on is part of your current (or past) situation, allow God to move your vision back a few steps. There is more to what you believe than one enlarged  picture, event, situation, or condition. No matter how bad you feel about that one portion, your life includes some greater and more worthy things to focus upon.

THE GIFT OF ETERNAL LIFE. God is the Lord and giver of life. The life He gives is eternal. Not an eternal life of troubles like what we have in this world, but life in His kingdom, now and forever.  Nothing can destroy the life He gives and no one can take it away.

THE FORGIVENESS OF SINS. The Bible tells us that nothing separates us from God’s love. Our sins and the sins of others may harm our relationships and sometimes it seems as if there is not a cure for the brokenness. God forgives us. Through the suffering and death of our Savior, Jesus Christ, we are forgiven. The relationship with God is restored. He does not turn away from us. Through faith in God, we turn to Him in repentance and receive His forgiveness. Life is not terrible when we are forgiven. It is awesome!

YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER’S LOVE FOR YOU. Indeed, there is a lot of hate and cruelty in this world.  The actions of others tend to make our days miserable. When we are the ones who are angry, our days are not any better. The darkness of sin gets in the way of seeing God’s love for us. Zoom out.  Take a spiritual step back and repeat the first line of the Apostles’ Creed. These words express a truth that we believe. God is in charge, not the people around us, not even ourselves. God created this world and He is more than an overseer. He is present in His creation. The Holy Spirit is in our heart. His Word is written upon our heart and He changes our way of thinking to His way.

The One who has forgiven our sins, given us eternal life, and loves us, is the One who does not leave us on our own to face our problems. This is true even when we caused the trouble. Allow God to help you move you back a few steps so that You may see Him, The Maker of heaven and earth.


In Christ,

Pastor Wenck

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