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Praising the Lord!

“Where are your manners?”  “What do you say?”

These are words spoken by parents to their children, especially on birthdays, Christmas, and graduation.  Having good manners means you respond with a “thank you” when you have received cards, gifts, and benefited from acts of kindness.

God does something for us every day!  Each day is an awesome opportunity to say “thank You, Lord” and to acknowledge why you are thankful.  Do you notice something new from God  every day?    Honestly, too many days we are so busy we might not take the time to notice the presence of God.  We miss noticing what He is doing.  When “busy” becomes the norm, it is not surprising that thankfulness to God begins to fade.

Praising the Lord is giving Him thanks and more.  We praise God for who He is!  He is holy = absolutely no wickedness within Him.  He is merciful = not bringing down upon us all that we deserve according to the Law.  He is love = unconditional and unwavering love.  Love that is not granted because we did Him a favor.  Love in action for our sake while at the same time we are sinners, unfaithful to Him.  Praising the Lord is a response to Him for having revealed Himself to us.

When we allow the thoughts about who God is to become infrequent, to fade away, then our praise is seldom lifted up to the Lord.  Our thankfulness decreases.  Our daily lifestyle becomes a journey of independence from God.  As if…

*I am coping without any help from the Lord
*I am doing the best I can and getting along without Him
*I am moving forward on my own two feet and succeeding
*I am waiting for a miracle so that I have a reason to praise God
*I am waiting for a significant gift from the Lord that will solve most of my problems

For a Christian, praising the Lord is not an option.  God has worked the miracle of our redemption.  God has placed His Spirit within us.  God’s promises move us forward knowing there is something wonderful to come, life in heaven.  God’s people do not claim independence, we proclaim total dependence and trust in the Lord, for He is good and His mercy endures forever!

In Christ,
Pastor Wenck


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