For Members

CHURCH OFFICE Our church secretary works Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. The office is closed on Fridays which is also Pastor Wenck’s day off.

BULLETIN ANNOUNCEMENTS are due by noon on Tuesdays.

NEW MEMBER PICTURE BOARD is in a case just inside the fellowship hall on east wall. Check it out to “see” who has joined Grace this year.

FELLOWSHIP REIMBURSEMENT FOR REFRESHMENTS Thanks to everyone who volunteers each Sunday morning during the Sunday school hour to make coffee and provide various snacks. This is a wonderful fellowship ministry! Please be aware that the cost of your expenses up to $20 can be reimbursed if you choose.  In order to get reimbursed, complete a Reimbursement Request (box on the left side of the freezer) and attach your receipts. Once the form is completed, return it and the receipts in to the office. The treasurer will write you a check within a few days.

NOURISH FOOD BANK Many folks in our community are in need right now.  We are so thankful for those of you at Grace who are giving to this worthwhile organization. The current needs include the following items: Any protein item: peanut butter, canned meat (fish, chicken, ham, spam, Vienna sausages), dried beans, canned beans, beanie weenies, Spaghetti-o’s, raviolis, pastas, Rice-a-roni meals, Hamburger Helper meals. They will also take the sample size toiletries you get when you stay at a hotel. Thank you so much for loving and serving our fellow neighbors in the community. NOTE: Please DO NOTdonate items that have been opened or have expired as we will not accept them.

PORTICO BABY BOTTLE CAMPAIGN Thank you to everyone who has returned their baby bottle in support of Portico. If you still have a baby bottle to return, please bring it to the church as soon as possible.

CHILDREN’S SUMMER SUNDAY SCHOOL In order to give our preschool through sixth grade Sunday school teachers a break for the summer, we are asking for servants to sign up to teach.  If you are a confirmed member of Grace Lutheran Church who is 18 years of age or older, prayerfully consider signing up to teach for one or more Sundays. The sign up sheet is on the Children’s Ministry bulletin board across from Pastor Al’s office.  Thank you in advance for your willingness to serve!