Nourish Food Bank

Please remember to bring in dry good items each Sunday to donate to the Nourish Food Bank.

Many folks in our community are in need right now. We are so thankful for those of you at Grace who are giving to this worthwhile organization. The current needs include the following items: Any protein item: peanut butter, canned meat (fish, chicken, ham, spam, Vienna sausages), dried beans, canned beans, beanie weenies, Spaghetti-o’s, raviolis, pastas, Rice-a-roni meals, Hamburger Helper meals. They will also take the sample size toiletries you get when you stay at a hotel. Thank you so much for loving and serving our fellow neighbors in the community. NOTE: Please DO NOT donate items that have been opened or have expired as we will not accept them.

Please place items into soup cans located in the narthex and choir room. We will then place a label on each item with a verse from the Bible to share His message before delivering to the food bank. Thank you!

To learn more about the Nourish Food Bank, please visit the site at Nourish Food Bank.



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